Renew Yourself



Periodic massage is an essential element
in any health regime, not a luxury
World Wide Massage strives to provide you with the best possible service. We use professional massage cream enriched with Arnica which is completely absorbed by the skin, which eliminates the necessity of taking a shower immediately after the massage; in fact, in order for the arnica to produce its maximum effects on the muscles, one should take a shower a few hours after the treatment, not immediately. However, a shower is available for your convenience.
ADDED FEATURES of World Wide Massage:
- Therapeutic massage therapy tailored to your specific needs & wants
- Feedback requested to assess the treatment development
- Professional massage table
- Professional Biotone Massage Cream
- Professional table heater for extra comfort
- You regulate the table heater temperature
- You control the music, lighting and room temperature
- Audio Brain Waves for brain hemisphere balancing
  (clinically proven to promote relaxation)
- Organic essential oils aromatherpy
- Filtered water or tea
- Shower available

-Therapeutic Full Body Massage
- Facial Rejuvenating Massage
- Scalp Stimulation Therapy
-Chakra Balancing (energy work)
Massage has been known to have spirit uplifting effects. In World Wide Massage we address the energetic efects of massage on the spirit in the closing practices where the energy points or Chakras are balanced at the end of a 90 minute session.

Massage may also aid in the treatment of many illnesses.
For optimum benefits, weekly sessions are highly recommended.
Maximum benefits will result from 90 minutes sessions.